The shutdown debate is a nasty one, naturally.  Everyone tries to blame everyone else but themselves.  The fact is everyone has some blame in this.  Let’s break it down…   Senate / Congressional Democrats The Senate majority (and their somewhat more impotent Democratic counterparts in the House) have two major areas of blame in this […]

The Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas is drawing attention to the abortion topic again.  Personally, I am rather apathetic to the base topic of abortion, i.e. the question of when life technically begins.  My sole goal with abortion is to make sure that it is never relevant to my life, in other words, don’t have […]

Yesterday, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre proposed that we have armed officers protecting our schools.  This, of course, sent the gun-control Left into a tizzy.  Their proposed solution, of course, is more gun control. Personally, I believe LaPierre’s suggestion is impractical as he proposed it, but for the moment, let’s disregard that.  There are variants on […]

Seeing as I have no children, the school shooting in Connecticut doesn’t affect me like it does most of my friends and family members who have children.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t find it horrifying and saddening, but I don’t feel haunted by the thought of, “What if this was at my kid’s school?” […]

The Democrats’ plan for the “Fiscal Cliff” avoidance so far includes an $800 billion tax increase over 10 years.  (They’re trying to make it more, but that’s what is on the table right now.)  Pretending that the projection above were to end up being accurate*, let’s break down what the means: $800 billion / 10 […]

[I originally wrote this column on SportsFilter in June of 2009, when Donald Fehr retired from the MLBPA.  With the passing of Marvin Miller, it seems like an apropos topic, so I have copied it here.] Baseball has been a part of the fabric of American culture for as long as it has been around. […]

In the wake of the completely ridiculous non-controversy surrounding Marco Rubio’s answer to “How old is the Earth?”, I felt it was a good time to tackle this topic.  It is something that has always bothered me. I am not a fan of the “Creation vs. Evolution” debate.  It makes no sense to debate it, […]