Monthly Archives: July 2012

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Capitalist Truths)

Today would have been the 100th birthday of Milton Friedman, the greatest defender and teacher of free-market capitalism of his time and perhaps of all time.  I’m not even going to pull a quote out of this clip from 1979; just watch the whole clip.  It’s a brilliant smack-down of Phil Donahue, and it rings […]

Gay Marriage, Geometry And Cheeseburgers

The thing that drives me nuts the most about the same-sex marriage debate is the fact that so many of its proponents insist on equating “opposed to same-sex marriage” with “homophobic” or “anti-homosexual”.  These are radically different concepts.  Islamic leaders who think homosexuals should be executed?  Those are anti-homosexual views.  However, calling someone a “homophobe” […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Doctor Heal Thyself)

In today’s political discourse, the word “racist” (when used by a liberal) means, “I have no intellectual response to your argument, so I am going to call you a name instead.”  While we rank-and-file Righties just blow it off now, it seems that the Republican establishment still cowers in fear of being called “racist”, but […]

The Problem Of Over-Regulation

Mike Kelly got a standing ovation on the House floor for saying what he said here.  That generally isn’t supposed to happen, but what he said was so correct that it did.  Take a peek: People who complain about big corporations running everything and demand that we regulate and tax them even more to keep […]

Sports And “Socialism”

Why American sports require a different model than European sports. (To get the blog up and running, here’s one I’ve had saved away for a while.) America is a capitalist nation, at its core.  Few will dispute that, regardless of what direction we may be headed these days.  Likewise, Europe is more socialist.  So how […]