Today’s Daily Wisdom (Doctor Heal Thyself)

In today’s political discourse, the word “racist” (when used by a liberal) means, “I have no intellectual response to your argument, so I am going to call you a name instead.”  While we rank-and-file Righties just blow it off now, it seems that the Republican establishment still cowers in fear of being called “racist”, but they shouldn’t be.  It has gotten to the point now where that’s all the ammo the Left has.

Case in point:  Jonathan Chait* is claiming that the current controversy around “You Didn’t Build That” is based on race.  As Dan Foster says in the link, “I don’t even have an argument here — which is fine because Chait doesn’t, either.”

But Jonah Goldberg sums it up even better:

“I don’t think liberals appreciate how much conservatives laugh at this stuff. We’re constantly being told we’re racists and that conservatism is full of racist codes and dog whistles aimed at conservatives. And yet the only people who consistently decipher these codes or hear these dog whistles are liberals themselves.”

One final briquette to add to the Stupidity BBQ:  Why would Romney need to court racists and motivate them to vote for him in the first place?  Wouldn’t the fact that Obama is, you know, black be enough to motivate that group?


(*) — I link to a source that links to Chait’s piece as opposed to Chait’s piece itself, because the actual piece may cause your brain to try to escape your skull.  However, you may read the actual article by way of the link if you care to.


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