Today’s Daily Wisdom (Dark Knight Tea Party)

For the record, I very rarely see movies in the theater.  The last one I saw (I think) was the last installment of Indiana Jones, so that should tell you how long it has been.  Of course, the big movie these days is “The Dark Knight Rises”, and despite the tragedy that occurred at Aurora, there is still an actual movie and everything.

While I haven’t seen the film and thus can’t really spoil it, there are some light spoilers in this Wall Street Journal op-ed by Andrew Klavan, so be forewarned if that bothers you.  That noted, today’s Daily Wisdom comes from the above piece, and it’s a worthwhile little nugget about Hollywood in general and especially the producers of various “agenda” films:

There are, after all, no socialist filmmakers in Hollywood. There are only capitalist filmmakers (Michael Moore, for one) who make socialist films. Likewise, none of the coiffed corporate multimillionaires who anchor the network newscasts can honestly support the Occupy movement which, taken to its logical conclusion, would result in their being hanged from lampposts.

It is difficult to tell whether the issue is hypocrisy or simply cognitive dissonance (as Milton Friedman noted in yesterday’s Daily Wisdom, “Of course, none of us are greedy, it’s only the other guy who’s greedy.”).  Regardless of how liberal/socialist Hollywood’s political leanings tend to be, they benefit from capitalism, too.  Deep down, they know it.


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