Today’s Daily Wisdom (Defining The Dream)

Today has been a stressful day, so we’re going to skip the pre-ramble and get straight to the point.  Today’s Daily Wisdom comes from Louisiana Governor and potential VP candidate Bobby Jindal, summing up what he said at the RedState convention on Saturday:

I think this election is about two different views of America’s future and the President’s view–where he talks about class warfare and dividing us–to me, sounds a lot like Occupy Wall Street, where people believe they are entitled to each other’s property. I think the American Dream is different from that. I think in America, you’re not entitled to equal outcomes. You are entitled to equal opportunity. And that is what I think this election is really about, to preserve that American Dream for our children, and the way to do that is not through more government spending, more taxes, more borrowing. Instead, it’s about going back to a limited federal government that lives within its means.

That pretty well sums it up.  I’ll take a heaping helping of this kind of talk during the election season.


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