A Point For Thought

Something to think about…

What if the owner of Chick-Fil-A had been a Muslim instead of a Christian, and expressed his religious view that homosexuals should be executed?  (Hopefully, we can all agree that this is far, far worse than Dan Cathy’s view, whatever you may think of his.)  How would the following people/groups have reacted?

  • Tom Menino and Rahm Emanuel?
  • The media?
  • The GLBT crowd?
  • The protesters who attended the “buycott” on Wednesday?

I think we all agree that this would be the “perfect world” response:  The first three would all have reacted with roughly the same level of revulsion that they did (if not more), though whether or not the mayors would have actually threatened to deny them the right to do business is up in the air.  Even if they had, there wouldn’t have been a huge protest about it, because even if people believed that the owner had the right to his point of view, they would recognize it as such an extreme view that they would want no part of even appearing to support him.  (Of course, Mike Huckabee would not have called for a “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day”, and Louis Farrakhan and his ilk don’t have nearly the same following.)

I think we would also agree that this is *not* what would have happened in the real world.  All I will say is that I think the reaction of the first three groups compared to how they reacted to the actual situation with Dan Cathy is…unsettling.


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