Today’s Daily Wisdom (That’s Not All They’ve Lost)

Interesting piece on the financial crisis in California, and how the state government suddenly managed to “find” $286.5 million between their couch cushions that they were previously unaware they had while trying to fix their budget.

The author, Ann-Marie Murrell, points out the obvious:

“Unaware of”??  Even if I won the lottery and became a gazillionaire, I can’t imagine not being aware of $286.5 million. 

Even scarier is that the Democrats (who run California in its entirety), claim that this sum of money would not have impacted how their budget worked out last year.  Let’s face it, if your state’s budget is so large that $286.5 million is practically an insignificant sum, then your state’s budget is too big.  Also, if your state’s government can somehow be unaware of $286.5 million, then your government is run by morons who should be fired.

Remind me again why we want the government in charge of health care?


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