Today’s Daily Wisdom (What We’re Doing Here)

Several layers of wisdom to be found here.  Moe Lane offers up a bit about Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt today, and while I’m linking to Moe’s blog, I’ll quote Geraghty:

How often do any of us actually persuade other people on any major controversy of the day? Have any Obamacare critics encountered an argument that made them stop and think and reconsider their opposition? Has any Obamacare fan changed their mind? Do people even change their minds anymore?

I link to Moe’s blog as he offers a worthy response, as do some of his commenters.  And since this is a new blog, and I may actually have enough casual readers to fill one hand at some point (I’m not pretending or aspiring to be some sort of Internet star), here are the basics for why this blog exists:

  • Venting to a more receptive audience.  One does not wish to cram political views down the throats of Facebook friends, especially those who do not agree with you.  And with election season coming, it will get worse before it gets better, so I wanted to get these things off Facebook and somewhere where I’m not going to annoy people who don’t want to see it.
  • Working to explain views in a clear, articulate fashion.  Much like Moe says, I hope to offer rhetorical tools to bolster the arguments for anyone reading.  It’s tough when you know deep down that your point of view is right, but you can’t quite back it up the way you want to.  Various episodes with same-sex marriage, for example, have led me to hammer out my viewpoint in a more logical, arguable way such as this, instead of citing the Bible or saying, “It just is.”

And that’s it, really.  I’m not expecting to change people’s minds, but if someone can look at my opinion and say, “I understand your point of view, even if I disagree with it,” then I’m satisfied.  That’s especially true of the social issues, since the two big ones (same-sex marriage and abortion) are not ones that have right or wrong answers as far as I am concerned, at least not on the philosophical level.  Economic issues are a bit more black-and-white with me — capitalism works, socialism doesn’t, and people who disagree tend to have issues with either math, economics or history — but that’s an area where you just have to dump facts and let people figure it out for themselves.

Anyway, I’ll just keep posting, and see if anyone gets anything out of it.  If so, good.


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