Today’s Daily Wisdom (No Degree Necessary)

Via Instapundit:  Great little column from Forbes today called “10 Smart Things I’ve Learned From People Who Never Went To College“.  Lots of good stuff here, and I suggest you read the whole thing, but I’ll pluck this one out because I have to pick one:

Learning is good.  Doing is better.

Today’s government and media are run by people who are highly-educated, but often completely inexperienced.  Congress is full of lawyers who have never run businesses; the media is loaded with journalism majors who have never left the Eastern seaboard, and our President was a professional activist who has never been in the private sector for a day in his adult life.  Yet all of these people *think* they know better than us because they learned about how we do what we do.

I went to school for four years and got a degree that said I knew how to program a computer, but I’ll tell you this:  I learned more in one year actually doing the job than I ever learned about the job during my formal education.  I’ve worked many jobs in my life, and I’ve always been several times happier when I had a boss who I knew was able to do my job.

Our President learned about the economy.  His opponent did things in it.  Guess which one I trust more to make it work properly.


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