Tom Morello Brings The Irony

So Tom Morello doesn’t like Paul Ryan.  Fine, that’s well within his rights.  This isn’t really so much about what he said as it is about the fascinating and completely amusing irony that it’s Tom Morello saying it.  (Some might say “hypocrisy”, but I’ll stick with “irony” to keep this lighter.)

Morello, for the uninitiated, is a fairly famous guitarist who plays for the band “Rage Against The Machine” *.  In their heyday (the 90’s), they were representing the young punks who were rebelling against the old, rich guys in Corporate America as well as other authority figures.

Cue the irony:  Morello is now worth over $60 million, which very much puts him in the “one-percenter” crowd that the young, rebellious bunch of today rallies against.  Furthermore, he’s also six years older than Paul Ryan.  (Morello is 48, Ryan is 42.)  Morello is still trying to be the rebellious youth that he once was, rallying against the authority figure.  In reality, now he’s the rich old guy telling the young punk to get off his lawn.

This actually isn’t the first time that RATM has done something thoroughly ironic to amuse me.  The first time was actually a doozy as far as irony goes:  Back in the late 90’s, RATM sold the rights to their one hit (“Renegades of Funk”) to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), which wanted to use the song to help market one of their pay-per-views.  ECW was itself an “anti-establishment” group which was trying to compete against the “Big Two” wrestling companies (WWF and WCW).  So on one hand, you had the anti-establishment wrestling company buying the rights to a well-known song from a well-known band for marketing purposes.  On the other, you had the anti-establishment band selling the rights to their song to make a profit.

Who sold out?  Everybody.  🙂


(*) — For those unfamiliar with RATM, let me allow Moe Lane to describe them properly:  “Rage Against The Machine is a one-hit wonder band in the middle of their first golden oldies/nostalgia reunion tour. You know: sort of like Journey, only without the talent, charisma, and ability to sing on-key.”


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