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Ballplayers And Feminism

[I originally wrote this column on SportsFilter in June of 2009, when Donald Fehr retired from the MLBPA.  With the passing of Marvin Miller, it seems like an apropos topic, so I have copied it here.] Baseball has been a part of the fabric of American culture for as long as it has been around. […]

Creation And (Not Versus) Evolution

In the wake of the completely ridiculous non-controversy surrounding Marco Rubio’s answer to “How old is the Earth?”, I felt it was a good time to tackle this topic.  It is something that has always bothered me. I am not a fan of the “Creation vs. Evolution” debate.  It makes no sense to debate it, […]

Five People You Meet In The Millionaire’s Club

As we approach the fiscal cliff, the primary idea for solving this problem from the Left is the same idea we always get  from the Left:  raise taxes on the “rich”.  The idea is simple:  All these people who make a million or more per year don’t need all that money, and won’t miss it […]

The Effective Tax Rate Myth (To Be Revisited)

[I have taken this post down as it had some rather gross factual inaccuracies in it, for which I apologize.  I will revisit this topic soon, but there are a couple of prerequisite points that are worth covering first.]

A One-Question Economics Quiz

A simple one-question quiz on the concept that our economy is a “zero-sum game”: You are a woodworker who decides to start a furniture business.  You take out a loan from the bank, purchase some retail space, hire a couple of employees, and start your business.  You are successful.  Twenty years later, you have paid […]

Where We Are, And Where We’re Headed

So we’ve got another four years of Obama to deal with.  Many on the right wonder if America will survive it, but I’m not nearly that pessimistic.  Yes, we will survive four more years of Obama, though a lot of long-term harm to the country may result from it.  Obama himself is ultimately a short-term […]