On Wendy Davis

The Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas is drawing attention to the abortion topic again.  Personally, I am rather apathetic to the base topic of abortion, i.e. the question of when life technically begins.  My sole goal with abortion is to make sure that it is never relevant to my life, in other words, don’t have sex without birth control unless I’m ready to father a child with that woman, and it will not be an issue.  If everybody followed that simple rule, the whole issue would go away.

I know, I know, that’s far too easy to be realisitc.

Although I don’t get too worked up about the core issue, there are three sub-issues on abortion that will irritate me:

— Abortion as a “Constitutional right”.  (It’s not, despite what some liberal activist judges like to pretend.)

— Abortions being paid for with taxpayer money.  (It’s an elective procedure to alter a self-inflicted condition, which makes paying for it your problem.)

— Abortion as a “women’s rights” issue.

The biggest problem with that last one is how rabidly “pro-choice” women act like they had absolutely no responsibility or involvement in getting pregnant in the first place(*).

I do, in fact, fully support a women’s right to choose…

…if she wants to date a guy.

…if she wants to make out with him.

…if she wants to take her clothes off for him.

…if she wants to let him have intercourse with her.

…if she wants to do so without a reliable form of birth control.

If she screws up those five choices and accidentally creates a life…well, then society might decide that she has to take responsibility for those choices.

However, the Supreme Court has declared that women have to be allowed to make that sixth choice, though it can be restricted after a certain timeframe.  So the Texas state legislature plans to do exactly that:  they’re giving women 20 weeks to make that choice.  State Senator Wendy Davis is effectively saying that 20 weeks isn’t long enough to make this choice.  That’s actually quite insulting to her own constituency when you get right down to it.

Again, I really don’t have a dog in this hunt overall.  But faulty logic must be noted.


(*) — Yes, yes, rape and incest and health of the mother.  I fully support those exceptions.  And the former two are quite irrelevant here, because it’s not like a woman is going to suddently realize she was raped 21 weeks after the fact.


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