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Today’s Daily Wisdom (Listen To The Children)

We’ll let this video from Crony Chronicles serve as the Daily Wisdom today.  It’s pitch-perfect: H/T:  Moe Lane Advertisements

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Price Of Pizza)

Chick-Fil-A gets a bit of a breather today as the Left has turned its wrath toward Papa John’s for daring to state something rather obvious about Obamacare.  I can see where some people might be offended by another person’s religious views, but when it comes to Obamacare and business — I mean, there’s just no […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (No Degree Necessary)

Via Instapundit:  Great little column from Forbes today called “10 Smart Things I’ve Learned From People Who Never Went To College“.  Lots of good stuff here, and I suggest you read the whole thing, but I’ll pluck this one out because I have to pick one: Learning is good.  Doing is better. Today’s government and […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Government Strikes Out)

Being the sports fan that I am, I appreciate Thomas Sowell combining it with the economy in his column today.  It’s a brilliant piece about how we analyze sports and politics totally differently, and that we might be better off if we looked at income statistics the way we look at sports statistics.  It’s hard […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (What We’re Doing Here)

Several layers of wisdom to be found here.  Moe Lane offers up a bit about Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt today, and while I’m linking to Moe’s blog, I’ll quote Geraghty: How often do any of us actually persuade other people on any major controversy of the day? Have any Obamacare critics encountered an argument that […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (That’s Not All They’ve Lost)

Interesting piece on the financial crisis in California, and how the state government suddenly managed to “find” $286.5 million between their couch cushions that they were previously unaware they had while trying to fix their budget. The author, Ann-Marie Murrell, points out the obvious: “Unaware of”??  Even if I won the lottery and became a gazillionaire, […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Defining The Dream)

Today has been a stressful day, so we’re going to skip the pre-ramble and get straight to the point.  Today’s Daily Wisdom comes from Louisiana Governor and potential VP candidate Bobby Jindal, summing up what he said at the RedState convention on Saturday: I think this election is about two different views of America’s future […]