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Simple Tax Math

The Democrats’ plan for the “Fiscal Cliff” avoidance so far includes an $800 billion tax increase over 10 years.  (They’re trying to make it more, but that’s what is on the table right now.)  Pretending that the projection above were to end up being accurate*, let’s break down what the means: $800 billion / 10 […]

Five People You Meet In The Millionaire’s Club

As we approach the fiscal cliff, the primary idea for solving this problem from the Left is the same idea we always get  from the Left:  raise taxes on the “rich”.  The idea is simple:  All these people who make a million or more per year don’t need all that money, and won’t miss it […]

A One-Question Economics Quiz

A simple one-question quiz on the concept that our economy is a “zero-sum game”: You are a woodworker who decides to start a furniture business.  You take out a loan from the bank, purchase some retail space, hire a couple of employees, and start your business.  You are successful.  Twenty years later, you have paid […]

Where We Are, And Where We’re Headed

So we’ve got another four years of Obama to deal with.  Many on the right wonder if America will survive it, but I’m not nearly that pessimistic.  Yes, we will survive four more years of Obama, though a lot of long-term harm to the country may result from it.  Obama himself is ultimately a short-term […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Price Of Pizza)

Chick-Fil-A gets a bit of a breather today as the Left has turned its wrath toward Papa John’s for daring to state something rather obvious about Obamacare.  I can see where some people might be offended by another person’s religious views, but when it comes to Obamacare and business — I mean, there’s just no […]

Today’s Daily Wisdom (Government Strikes Out)

Being the sports fan that I am, I appreciate Thomas Sowell combining it with the economy in his column today.  It’s a brilliant piece about how we analyze sports and politics totally differently, and that we might be better off if we looked at income statistics the way we look at sports statistics.  It’s hard […]

How Business Works…And Why Obama Doesn’t

The July economic report showing continued slow growth and high unemployment, combined with recent utterances from the President such as “The private sector is doing fine,” show that President Obama doesn’t quite grasp how the economy works.  Despite all of his time in academia and politics, he has never been in the private sector, and […]