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On Wendy Davis

The Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas is drawing attention to the abortion topic again.  Personally, I am rather apathetic to the base topic of abortion, i.e. the question of when life technically begins.  My sole goal with abortion is to make sure that it is never relevant to my life, in other words, don’t have […]

Big Bird Doesn’t Need A Bailout

The Left is in a tizzy today because Mitt Romney supposedly threatened Big Bird.  I call BS. If someone wants to argue that PBS deserves public funding, then fine.  I disagree with that given our massive deficit issues, but if you want to argue that, so be it.  All I ask is that people quit […]

A Civil Rights Anniversary

Forty-eight years ago today, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was working its way through the U.S. Senate.  It faced fierce opposition from the segregationist wing of one of the major political parties.  Which one?  Well, if you believe the propaganda that comes from media outlets like MSNBC, you would probably guess wrong. Going back […]

Who Was This “Robin Hood” Fellow, Anyway?

President Obama went to the well with a time-worn cliche about how Romney’s tax policy is a sort of “Robin Hood In Reverse” scheme, where instead of “taking from the rich to give to the poor”, Romney is doing the exact opposite:  taxing everyone else more to give the greedy rich folks a tax cut. […]

How Business Works…And Why Obama Doesn’t

The July economic report showing continued slow growth and high unemployment, combined with recent utterances from the President such as “The private sector is doing fine,” show that President Obama doesn’t quite grasp how the economy works.  Despite all of his time in academia and politics, he has never been in the private sector, and […]

Gay Marriage, Geometry And Cheeseburgers

The thing that drives me nuts the most about the same-sex marriage debate is the fact that so many of its proponents insist on equating “opposed to same-sex marriage” with “homophobic” or “anti-homosexual”.  These are radically different concepts.  Islamic leaders who think homosexuals should be executed?  Those are anti-homosexual views.  However, calling someone a “homophobe” […]

Sports And “Socialism”

Why American sports require a different model than European sports. (To get the blog up and running, here’s one I’ve had saved away for a while.) America is a capitalist nation, at its core.  Few will dispute that, regardless of what direction we may be headed these days.  Likewise, Europe is more socialist.  So how […]