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Ballplayers And Feminism

[I originally wrote this column on SportsFilter in June of 2009, when Donald Fehr retired from the MLBPA.  With the passing of Marvin Miller, it seems like an apropos topic, so I have copied it here.] Baseball has been a part of the fabric of American culture for as long as it has been around. […]

Tom Morello Brings The Irony

So Tom Morello doesn’t like Paul Ryan.  Fine, that’s well within his rights.  This isn’t really so much about what he said as it is about the fascinating and completely amusing irony that it’s Tom Morello saying it.  (Some might say “hypocrisy”, but I’ll stick with “irony” to keep this lighter.) Morello, for the uninitiated, […]

Sports And “Socialism”

Why American sports require a different model than European sports. (To get the blog up and running, here’s one I’ve had saved away for a while.) America is a capitalist nation, at its core.  Few will dispute that, regardless of what direction we may be headed these days.  Likewise, Europe is more socialist.  So how […]