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Simple Tax Math

The Democrats’ plan for the “Fiscal Cliff” avoidance so far includes an $800 billion tax increase over 10 years.  (They’re trying to make it more, but that’s what is on the table right now.)  Pretending that the projection above were to end up being accurate*, let’s break down what the means: $800 billion / 10 […]

Five People You Meet In The Millionaire’s Club

As we approach the fiscal cliff, the primary idea for solving this problem from the Left is the same idea we always get  from the Left:  raise taxes on the “rich”.  The idea is simple:  All these people who make a million or more per year don’t need all that money, and won’t miss it […]

Who Was This “Robin Hood” Fellow, Anyway?

President Obama went to the well with a time-worn cliche about how Romney’s tax policy is a sort of “Robin Hood In Reverse” scheme, where instead of “taking from the rich to give to the poor”, Romney is doing the exact opposite:  taxing everyone else more to give the greedy rich folks a tax cut. […]